P.R.O. Student Program

Last Updated: 10/9/2019 7:29 PM

At Mitchell Junior High School we are preparing students to be P.R.O. Students:  

  • Students at MJHS are expected to display Pride, Respect, and Ownership.  Pride means to be proud of yourself, your work, and your school (take care of your building/surroundings).  People who are proud are prepared, ready for class, have materials, are organized and ready to learn.  Respect means that students show kindness to others, are active listeners, collaborative, cooperative and follow directions.  Ownership means that students are accountable for their actions and reactions to others.  They are accountable for the work they create and the ownership of how they make others feel.
  • By emphasizing the following good behaviors we are teaching our students to become successful now and in the future. View the video below to see what we expect from MJHS students.