Mobile Hotspots

Last Updated: 8/10/2020 2:29 PM


Using the T9 Mobile Hotspot


1.) Power-on the device by holding the Power Button for at least 3 seconds. A "Welcome" message will appear on the display.

2.) The "Welcome" message will disappear and the screen will display LTE signal strength and battery charge level.

3.) Tap the Power Button 2 times until the display reads "Wi-Fi Name: Franklin T9 XXXX."

4.) On your device, connect to the Wi-Fi name above.  You will be prompted for a password or network key.

5.) Tap the Power Button again on the T9 Mobile Hotspot and on your device, enter the Password displayed on the screen.

6.) You should now be  connected to the hotspot and be able to access the internet.



- The Password is case-sensitive.  If you are having difficulty, make sure you are entering it exactly as displayed.

- The T9 hotspot typically delivers internet access as long as the LTE meter indicates at least 1 bar.

- If you are in a low-signal area, try moving the device around your house while watching the signal strength indicator.

- The more bars are displayed, the more reliable and faster your internet connection will be.

- Try to keep your device and the hotspot relatively nearby.  If your Chromebook or other device falls below 2 bars, the connection to the hotspot may become unreliable. 

- The hotspot typically runs for 12-14 hours from a fully-charged battery.  Please do not forget to recharge the battery as needed.

- Power off the device when not in use to conserve battery.  To do this, hold down the Power Button for at least 3 seconds.


Important: Please read!

There are areas in Lawrence County and surrounding rural areas that have little to zero T-Mobile service.  The hotspots will not work in these locations.  Valleys and depressions in rural areas are the most vulnerable to weak signal.