Covid Updates

Mitchell Community Schools
Education Plan
2021-2022 School Year

Mitchell Community Schools will continue to monitor health and safety concerns that might have an impact on students and/or staff.  This plan is purposely designed to be fluid and may alter depending on immediate need for change to ensure greater health and safety of all MCS

Instructional Programming:
Mitchell Community Schools will provide In-Person Instruction during the 2021-2022 school
year.   MCS has the expectation that a majority of students will return to In-Person instruction. 

    Note: Exceptions related to medical incapacitation, credit recovery, or discipline
     situations should be addressed with the Building Principal

Facial Coverings/Masks:  Campus and Buildings

Although face coverings or masks are highly recommended, MCS will not require students to wear face coverings or masks during the 2021-2022 school year on school campuses and in school buildings.  Face coverings are recommended for any student or staff member who is unvaccinated and/or considered to be in a higher risk category.   MCS will continue to monitor and adhere to any state and/or federal mandates placed on k-12 schools.   

Note: Exception is as follows:

Should a student exhibit COVID symptoms while at school, MCS nurses reserve the right to use their professional and clinical expertise to require the student to wear a mask while at school or on school grounds.

Should the student’s symptoms be severe enough, every effort will be made to send the student home from school (similar to school nurse protocols in previous pre-COVID years)

Facial Coverings/Masks:  Transportation

Per the current federal mandate, facial coverings (masks) are required on public transportation. Thus, bus drivers, bus aides, and all students including vaccinated students, staff, bus drivers and aides using school bus public transportation will be required to wear a face covering/mask while boarding, while riding, and while deboarding the school bus. 

MCS will closely monitor this mandate and will adjust accordingly.  

Social Distancing:
MCS will take every possible measure to keep students socially distanced by 3 feet within the
classroom and common areas.  Contact Tracing will be conducted for students or staff within 6
feet of a COVID+ case. 

Note:  Exception (See Below- Absence Rate Monitoring and county positivity rate)

COVID-19 Testing:
If an MCS student or staff member receives a positive COVID-19 test result, a notification from
a healthcare provider must be provided to the school corporation.  MCS nurses will also have
the ability to test as well.  MCS will not accept home based or unofficial testing results.

MCS will contact trace amongst classrooms, siblings, close friends, fellow team, club, or co-
curricular team members.  Parents/guardians will be notified if their student has been in close
contact with a student that has tested positive for COVID-19.  Household members of the
student or staff member that has tested positive will be placed in a ten day quarantine unless
fully vaccinated.

Students are expected to complete work while in quarantine if physically possible, but students
will be given additional days upon their return to school to complete work as well.
MCS expects parents of students deemed close contacts to closely monitor their students for
any signs of illness and to take the necessary next steps should symptoms appear.
MCS will closely monitor student absenteeism based on illness and may alter their quarantine
protocols if necessary.

Note:  Exception (See Below- Absence Rate Monitoring and county positivity rate)

Expectations for MCS Parents, Students, and Staff
In order to control the spread of all illnesses (COVID-19 included),  MCS expects students,
parents, and staff to self-monitor daily prior to coming to school or work.  In the event that a
student or staff member is sick or symptomatic, they should stay home until they are no longer
symptomatic or sick. The use of personal water bottles is strongly encouraged.  Touchless water bottle filling stations and water fountains will be frequently sanitized.

Field Trips:
Field trips will be allowed depending on venue and location guidelines.

Visitors are  welcomed back into the buildings and our partnerships with our community
providers for our students and staff is allowed.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities:
Athletics and other  extracurricular activities will operate with full capacity spectators.   
Additional  restrictions may be imposed through guidance from the IHSAA, ISSMA, or the IDOH
and/or the Governor’s Office.

Absence Rate Monitoring:
MCS will track student absences due to illness.
Should an MCS school reach a threshold of 12% student absences, more stringent guidelines
may be enacted in order to control the spread of student illness.
Should an MCS school reach a threshold of 15% student absences, more stringent guidelines
will be enacted in order to control the spread of student illness.
Strategies to mitigate increasing student absent rates could include but not be limited to
incorporating social distancing guidelines of 6 feet in classrooms or other common areas and
masking of all non-vaccinated students, staff and faculty. Increases in student absent rates
could require that all vaccinated and unvaccinated students and/or staff would be required to
wear masks.  

Continued Best Practices for MCS:
Keep and maintain the hand sanitizing stations.
Frequent sanitizing of the common, high frequency touch surfaces and areas.
Continued  monitoring of local data and recommendations from the IDOH and make
adjustments as necessary.